Property 4.0: Some smart stuff going on at Intel

There’s a new breed of workplace being created, and they are redefining the role of a building for a business and its employees. Referred to as ‘smart’ they are so defined because they leverage combined technologies to construct what are basically intelligent environments, uniting innovations in architecture, design, engineering, the Internet of Things [IoT], data capture and analytical intelligence to build workspaces that are purpose built for productivity and wellbeing that can learn about and respond to the humans they support.

In a series of virtual visits we will highlight some of the work in this space that anyone with property in their remit needs to know about. First up, welcome to Intel’s bold new world

Pepper Property blog - Smart stuff going on at intel

In our Property 4.0 Research Report [if you haven't got a copy yet, you should] we identified The Edge [Deloitte Amsterdam] as still holding the title of the most intelligent building created to date. Intel has openly declared they are after that accolade, with their latest development, a 34,000 square-metre building in Tel Aviv, due for completion in 2019.

With Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum level certification means this will be one highly sustainable building. It will also have a sensor rich, IoT driven ability to recognise employees, learn their habits and customise their working environments and schedules to suit their preferences, unless the employee finds it all a bit big brother to be so thoroughly understood. In which case they can opt to withhold the information.

If you do hand over the intel [no pun intended] services to optimise your day will include waking you, defining your best transport and parking options, having your coffee order ready when you arrive, enabling workstations or meetings to be climactically set to preferences, have files uploaded ready if you plan to present, determine the best hour for you to eat, when there are no queues, what’s on the menu and it will advise the nutritional content of your meal.

It can tell you to take the stairs if you need a bit of exercise, tell you when its time you had a haircut and fit it in your schedule. You won’t even have to leave the building because it will also contain a spa and a presumably gender neutral beauty salon. Alongside these personal conveniences it will have 3,500-square metres of electronic labs, three restaurants, a learning and convention center, a café, and of course, a gym to make sure you really stay fit for work. Stairs can only do so much.

A Gen Zer just read this in passing and suggested it is getting pretty sci fi. Yes lad, it is. Which is why we are so committed to researching this space and giving you the lowdown on what’s coming and how to prepare for it. Get your copy of the new Property 4.0 report, and find out how you can build for the future, today. 

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