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In their own description of their much-vaunted office tower, 61 stories high and 130,000 square metres of downtown San Francisco, Salesforce says that office buildings are among the largest, most complex machines on the planet. It is an interesting metaphor for a build that has been designed to be so thoroughly human. 

The machine metaphor is in fact the only hint that there is some very smart technology sitting in the mix. It’s fascinating that these tech credentials are almost in the fine print but rest assured they are there. The technology team employed a converged base building network approach for the tower, which allows integration, automation and optimisation of all intelligent building systems and equipment.

In a converged network, the services – including VOIP, WAN, LAN, high density WiFi and Net Security – can be remotely monitored and controlled in an enterprise-rated secure network. What is much more visible is the way the smarts behind the project have been devoted to some very employee-centered design.  

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The vision that drove that design was lofty – to create an iconic build that is a reference point from which all other buildings will be measured. Their claim to such a vaunted space in the innovative workplace field is based on the fact that the building is the first of its kind crafted so specifically to promote the health, well-being - and therefore engagement and productivity - of its inhabitants.

There is recognition here that working in architectural icons already affects people in powerful and positive ways. It also offers all the key contemporary benefits of locality and amenities. The building, its features and its prime location offers a brand whose symbol is something people want to be part of. Its breathtaking scale is likewise part of that, but the real benchmark is its effort towards integrated sustainability. 

The tower itself has certain engineering and technology qualities that allow the building to literally ‘breathe’ fresh, outside air. On its 5th floor you can access – and wander through – five and a half acres of park. Sustainable design features include water/rainwater management, abundant use of natural daylight, reduced overall energy usage, application of recycled materials to cut down on construction waste and maximum indoor environmental quality. Each floor has 100% natural air and the building is – of course – targeting LEED Platinum, through innovations for optimal user-comfort and low environmental impact. It is not lacking focus on ROI either - the HVAC design features are all ultimately designed to drive human engagement and productivity through its sheer quality of conditions. 

It is a great example of what our Property 4.0 Research Report: Workplace Planning for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, has identified as the new paradigm – sustainability that is both human and environmental. If you want to know exactly what these 4.0 buildings are designing to deliver, get your copy of the report now.

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