The new planning model for property portfolios

Property in business is now seen as a strategic asset at both economic and human levels. This realisation has flipped the logic of the traditional planning model on its head. Welcome to the new world order of Industry 4.0. 

Across the ages, humans have produced extraordinary architectural legacies that speak volumes to the way that built environments can affect peoples’ thinking, feeling and behaviours. Think Taj Mahal, Notre Dame, the hallowed halls of British learning. Yet somehow, across the last century, that knowledge was – if not actually lost – then subsumed to the greater logic of profit margins. The planning for commercial property and design of workplaces was run on numbers, and employees simply had to conform to the results.

The effects were often tragic: dangerous, overcrowded factories and white-collar cubicle farms. And the role of a property planner was not much fun – often an order-taker in the service of multiple managers of business silos with competing agendas. That’s not to say there weren’t exceptions – just that they were exceptions. 

Pepper Property blog - The new planning model for property portfolios

Today we know that the buildings we live and work in affect us deeply. They can enhance peoples’ wellbeing and productivity, and provide a value-contributing context that can literally power up a work culture and measurably contribute to the health of a business and its brand. This knowledge has reshaped the new model of property planning to become thoroughly strategic, with integrated insights now driving planning thanks to two-way information traffic flows – significantly enabled through technology - between the business and the planner. Thanks to this tech in the mix, data can be used to make informed decisions and intuition is something that can be tested. 

The outcome is a new breed of planner and a new breed of workplace - both of which are worth considerably more to the business. Welcome to the Industry 4.0 world. If you’d like to know why you should be planning for it, we recommend reading our latest report

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