The property technology revolution and why you should care

Heard the term PropTech? Wondering what it was all about? Well you might. PropTech is about what new technologies are delivering – or about to deliver – from a property management perspective for companies. More critically, if property is in your remit, are you planning for the impact of PropTech?

The lineup of new tech into property is impressive: data-driven insights and dashboards around location and value; sophisticated developments in measuring and enhancing including human productivity in the workplace; automated buildings with intelligent learning environments; AI-driven delivery of radical personalisation of spaces and services; networked infrastructural monitoring of buildings enabling dynamic management of provisioning; the deployment and operation of maintenance and repair services.

These developments are already here. If you haven’t read any of our intelligent building introductions, you may want to. They are the harbingers of the new workplace order, a world where property has a key role to play in brand, workplace productivity, talent engagement and retention, and human ROI. 

Pepper Property blog - The property technology revolutionFollowing closely - and inevitably - are cutting-edge developments in construction and design that will collapse traditionally separated areas of construction and property portfolio management into a more singular planning logic: AI driven design, fully automated robotic builds, 4D onsite material printing; smart construction materials that can produce energy, self-heal and even be flexibly programmed in situ in response to changing purpose; self-aware objects that can inform and manage their repairs and maintenance through robotic delivery of response. 

Property portfolio management will change radically within the next ten years across three key categories: information, transactions and management. If you’d like to know more, download the Pepper Property 4.0 Report: Workplace planning for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, today.

Find out what's coming and how to plan for it now, here.

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