No time out for Kambala school thanks to Pepper

After exploring their options Kambala, a leading girl’s school in Sydney, wanted to develop a state of the art boarding house and a feature staircase project without any disruption to school hours and all within budget.

The objectives:

  • A high quality redevelopment option to consolidate boarding at the school
  • Deliver a project that could create an open and welcoming environment
  • Avoid disruption to school hours from a feature stair project
Kambala Room
Kambala Stairs

The Pepper Property Solution

Key to success was the initial work to examine the school’s site restrictions and operational issues, in order to prepare a solution that could consolidate the schools boarding facilities and free up space within the school for use by the community. After reviewing numerous options, the final designs and plans developed provided Kambala with a state of the art boarding house whilst meeting the schools tight budget and programme restrictions.

A parallel review and response around Kambala’s existing senior school rejuvenation plan prioritised works to open up the school and pave the way for future developments. This included working to ensure its key stair refurbishment project was delivered in the limited school holiday period to ensure there was no impact on teaching and the day to day running of the school.

Pepper’s engagement was then extended to manage the delivery of the next stage projects including:

  • Fernbank Boarding House Refurbishment Project
  • Tivoli Boarding House Refurbishment Project

Early planning and an extensive stakeholder management processes were the key to the successful delivery.

Outcomes delivered:

  • A strong design management process and thorough review of contractor procurement options meant that costs were kept 100% below budget
  • All three projects were delivered on time over the Christmas holiday period, minimising disruption to the school community, and meaning that no alternative accommodation was required for housing boarding students

Kambala is now set up to focus on the future implementation of their school rejuvenation plan.