The NRMA Challenge 

Provide a new option for their head office in Sydney suitable to support the long-term strategy and vision of the organisation whilst deploying the most capital effective structure.

The firm’s main objectives:

  • Locate premises to met long-term accommodation requirements
  • To deliver an optimal workplace environment
  • To deliver a premise solution that provided ongoing operational flexibility
  • Effective deployment of capital
NRMA image 1
NRMA image 2

The Pepper Property Solution 

Initial analysis of requirements recognised that NRMA had an appetite and ability to acquire and develop its own premises or follow a traditional leasing path. Pepper’s assignment then included and end to end process across identification of all potential accommodation options, financial analysis, site acquisition, project management of the build from initiation to completion, and interior fitout. NRMA successfully undertook the turnkey purchase of a purpose-built commercial office building located at Sydney Olympic Park.

Outcomes delivered:

  • A turnkey solution that could support and drive long term goals whilst providing ongoing operational flexibility
  • Integrated support and delivery for each stage of the project
  • Advice on the build process instrumental in modification of the base building design of the façade and engineering systems prior to construction, to produce an optimal result for the client
  • A fitout that was integrated with the base building construction, providing significant savings from traditional contract arrangements that require rework from base building to fitout

In 2017 this development was recognised by the Master Builder association and awarded the Best Commercial Building under AUD50 million.