The Future Workplace Debate on Coworking Environments

On 13 September 2018, Greg Carmichael, Director at Pepper Property, joined a panel of industry experts in a Future Workplace Debate facilitated by GroupGSA at Stone & Chalk’s offices to discuss the recent hype in the property industry related to the emergence of coworking and incubator spaces.

The panel was hosted by GroupGSA Director, Peter McCamley, and also included Nicola Mansfield, Director, Spatial and Brand Experience team at Deloitte Digital, James Dellow, Director, Digital Workplace Company and Naomi Tosic, Director, The Office Space.

Globally there are now as many coworking environments as there are Starbucks cafes, however Australia still lags our global counterparts significantly. Initially coworking environments were targeting small operators / start-ups relocating from a home office however, today we are seeing larger space occupiers, multinational corporates wanting to be part of these environments as a way of fostering innovation and product and service development. A need for flexibility and the increasing pace of business change means that the traditional long term 10 year lease is no longer the norm.

The debate focused on whether these organisations can really innovate in coworking spaces and whether this links to the fundamental importance of culture, employee experience and amenity that we are seeing for talent acquisition and retention in workplace. The panel also concluded it is critical to create diversity and occupiers seeking out these facilities want to get away from the ‘echo chamber’ effect.

Another interesting topic was the changing relationship between landlord and occupiers with tenants wanting more from their landlords than just leasing space.

Our recent research series “Workplace planning for the Fourth Industrial Revolution” touches on the emergence of these coworking spaces and the new operating model driver – Office as a Service. 

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