Occupier advisory

Since 1991, we’ve been recognised as a leading real estate advisor providing major corporate clients with solutions for their commercial and industrial needs.

Planning and strategy

Help planning and strategy

We’ll work with you to interpret your business strategy in the short, medium and long term – and plan your corporate accommodation requirements across your portfolio. Our service includes keeping track of market trends and looking beyond the horizon of your corporate plan, so your property strategy is set up to leverage market changes.

For multinationals, we can facilitate global property services procurement, creating large-scale efficiency and ensuring consistency across your premises. We can also help you make like-for-like comparisons in global property markets.

Tenant advisory and representation

When it comes to negotiating a lease, time buys you flexibility. We’ll work with you to plan ahead for critical lease events and guide you through the premises selection process.

We’ll also act as your intermediary to structure a lease that works specifically for you. We have no conflict of interest, because we only advise and represent tenants. Since we’re consistently active in property markets, we can advise you on what represents fair value in terms of rent, incentives and lease terms.

Cost reduction services. We’ll help you to identify and realise significant cost savings, for example by recovering overcharges from after-hours air-conditioning and outgoings, minimising exposure to market rent reviews and minimising exit obligations such as make-good liabilities.

Case Study* - Ashurst

Client: Ashurst

Service: Strategic Advisor and Tenant Representative

Location: Sydney, NSW

Size: 14,000m2

Role: Sydney long term premises requirement.

Approach: Pepper Property undertook a formal market search to identify premises alternatives capable of meeting Ashurst’s business and operational requirements.

Outcomes: Significant occupancy costs savings were achieved for Ashurst throughout the negotiation. In addition, base building services were redesigned to meet Ashurst’s requirements and signage and branding rights secured. The outcome was a pre-commitment to the redevelopment of an iconic heritage building in the Sydney CBD.

*This case study is not a testimonial, but is based on a real-life example and has been provided solely for educational purposes. The case study is not intended to imply any recommendation about any financial product(s) or constitute tax advice. The information in this case study is believed to be reliable at the time of distribution, but Pepper does not warrant its completeness or accuracy. Neither Pepper nor its related bodies, nor their directors, employees or agents accept any responsibility for loss or liability which may arise from accessing or reliance on any of the information contained in this case study.

The right property strategy supports your business objectives, giving you the flexibility you need at a cost that works for you.

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