Andrew Balzan

Andrew Balzan (Andy)

Divisional Director


To expand our existing Capital Solutions business to assist more property investors and developers to obtain flexible and competitive senior, stretch senior, mezzanine, preferred equity and equity. 


Key skills

Loan origination, structuring and execution.  Building excellent customer relationships.  Collaborating with key stakeholders to achieve win-win outcomes.


Personal interests

Andy is a keen tennis player and enjoys going to the gym to keep fit. His other interests include travel, golf and enjoying fine food and wine.


The Originator

“I started my career in property finance in the early 80’s when there was no Google Earth or i-phones so I gained an appreciation of the sector by inspecting hundreds of properties and taking photos with a polaroid camera.  In my last role, I ran a global business that was consistently ranked by its customers as No 1 in the market.”


Most challenging experience

“Working through the uncertainty of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 and 2009 – not knowing if the Bank I worked for at the time and the entire global financial system would survive.”


Andy in three words

Pragmatic. Balanced. Driven