David Burton

David Burton

Divisional Director


Business strategy and global operational oversight.

Key skills

Global real estate strategies, cross-functional leadership and project management.

Personal interests

Leveraging changing markets and business strategies, to drive financial outcomes.
“Personally, I’m at home on the ocean or in the mountains - preferably biking or snowboarding. Most importantly, I love supporting my kids’ various pursuits.”

The Internationalist

David is a can do Kiwi who set off on an adventure to work in the US early in his career and has travelled the world of business ever since. His journey has taken him through business houses in the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia He finds fun in the technical world of complex teams. It is this background of global diversity and commercial pace that makes him a safe pair of hands for global clients.

Most challenging experience

“Early in my career, management backed me to lead a team of130 in London. Ready for the challenge but daunted at the prospect, I was humbled by the senior support which was quickly on offer and became determined to repay their confidence. It is now my duty to impart this same support to others.”

David in three words

Diversity.  Influence.  Pace.