Jonathan Lustre

Jonathan Lustre

Project Manager


“I manage consultants, contractors and key stake holders in reaching a clear, defined, collective end goal.”


Key skills

Proactive, organised and good at problem solving.


Personal interests

“I like architecture, commercial development, reading, traveling, going to concerts and spending time with my family.”


The Doer

Johnathan started working life as a design and site civil engineer. He wanted to get into something that saw him involved with construction and development on a grand scale so he decided to get into project management. He has never looked back.


Most challenging experience

“I was working on a project where all the odds seemed to be against me (having to meet Council and Government conditions, the builder went through 3 different project managers, designs were being changed mid-construction, site conditions were less than favourable, weather conditions hindered progress etc.) But I got it done.”


Jonathan in three words

Organised.  Balanced.  Unflappable.