Krystyna Burnett

Krystyna Burnett

Associate Director


Real estate services to clients with property portfolios across Europe, Middle-East and Africa.


Key skills

Account Management, Transaction Management, Strategic Property Advice, and a sense of humour.


Personal interests

“I love family, travel and food – probably in that order.”


The Maven

Krystyna has deep experience in the field having previously worked in a large multinational property advisory firm and moved to Pepper as an opportunity to help take an established business in Australia to grow into London, Europe and beyond. The role has brought many exciting opportunities and challenges over almost five years at Pepper and continues to evolve at pace with never a dull moment. Working in a small team has meant that she is able to provide a truly end-to-end service for clients.


Most challenging experience

“My most challenging experience was starting at Pepper in a completely new environment, working in a team across so many timezones and for a firm which, at the time, was in its formative stage.”


Krystyna in three words

Change.  Persevere.  Learn.