Orla Weir Pepper Property

Orla Weir

Senior Project Manager


"My role is to own accountability for the delivery of successful projects for our clients, it requires a constant balance between vision and detail."


Key skills

"Organisation, problem solving, communication skills, initiative, love of detail and team-work."


Personal interests

“Travel and food are my interests and passions. I am happiest when eating something different, somewhere new. A passion for eating requires a balance of fitness; for me that means being active in the outdoors, on the run or in the water, but out in nature.”


The Sorter

“I grew up in a small town in Cork, Ireland. I studied Civil Engineering at University and when I graduated I began my career in the world of Corporate Real Estate. Here I discovered my early passion for the complex demands of project management, with its constant demand for smart solutions. When I moved to Sydney in 2016 I took the step into the construction world and realised I was completely hooked. Now I am excited to be a part of the Pepper Property team, the perfect place to continue to grow my skillset.”


Most challenging experience

“I worked at a large multi-national company during a time of great transience as part of the Corporate Real Estate group. I lead the team of a large cost saving initiative involving the consolidation, relocation and termination of leases throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This was a very challenging experience but I learned how to think outside the box and was rewarded for my efforts. I also got to eat some pretty interesting food.”


Orla in three words

Honourable. Personable. Motivated.