Pepper is a sought-after third-party servicing partner for a number of high quality originators and wholesale funding institutions. We operate within a comprehensive risk management framework and engage in regular internal and external audits. Our service offering is extensive and we support full end-to-end servicing and tailor made solutions.

Our approach to arrears management is best described as “early detection, quick response; identifying and implementing effective solutions”. We have continuous feedback loops between our Credit and Collections teams that enable us to identify trends in pool performance that can be fed back into product architecture and underwriting criteria.

Unlike most other third party servicers, we are also originators of new products. So we absolutely understand the importance of protecting your reputation and take the utmost care in managing the most sensitive issues.

Pepper's Strengths and Capabilities

Our Experience
Our Experience

Our team is vastly experienced across five international markets. We’ve grown our servicing portfolio in excess of $45bn

Our Approach
Our Approach

Pepper applies its lender’s mind-set to its loan servicing activities to deliver strong customer management and collections outcomes

Our Technology
Our Technology

We combine an off the shelf loan accounting platform with our own in house systems to provide a leading edge origination, servicing, reporting and CRM capability.

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A Global Servicer

Pepper services a range of loan portfolios on behalf of third-party clients in Australia, Ireland, the UK and Spain. 

  • Pepper was first ranked by Standard & Poor's (S&P) as an 'ABOVE AVERAGE' Residential Loan Servicer in May 2004 and has maintained a rating of 'STRONG' since January 2012.
  • We are included on S&P's Global Select Servicer List.
  • In the UK Pepper is ranked by Fitch Ratings as one of the highest rated independent residential mortgage Special Servicers in the UK, and the only Fitch rated Master Servicer in Europe: UK Primary (prime and sub-prime) Servicer Rating RPS2+, UK Residential Special Servicer Rating RSS2+, and UK Residential Master Servicer Rating RMS2.
  • Most recently affirmed on 17 January 2018

To understand more about how we can help service your clients, call (02) 9063 6875.