Third Party Servicing

Pepper is a specialist loan servicer that manages its own-originated and third-party originated loan books across a broad range of real estate and consumer loan asset classes, including:

Asset Classes

  • residential mortgages
  • consumer unsecured and secured loans
  • commercial real estate (CRE) backed loans
  • auto and equipment leases

Pepper’s servicing business involves the management of loans on behalf of its funding vehicles and third-party beneficial owners of the relevant loans by managing collections, enforcement and engaging with customers.

Pepper applies a lender's mind-set to its loan servicing activities to deliver strong customer management and collection outcomes as measured by portfolio arrears levels, augmented by loss mitigation strategies.

Pepper similarly applies its experience in loan servicing to the design of new lending products and related pricing for risk strategies thereby facilitating a continuous feedback loop between its specialist lending and loan servicing activities.

Special Servicing 

An expert servicer with a wealth of experience in servicing third-party asset portfolios for multiple product classes.

Debt Purchase

Pepper’s industry leading servicing platform enables us to enhance portfolio returns as well as generate a stable stream of revenues and operating profit. We have the experience, the infrastructure and the financial capability to acquire a range of asset classes including severely stressed loan books.

Our services include

  • Hardship Management
  • Collections Process Consultation/Strategy Review
  • Annual File Reviews (Commercial)
  • Asset Registration (PPSR) 
  • Price Analysis

A Global Select Servicer

Pepper services a range of loan portfolios on behalf of third party clients in Ireland, the UK and Spain.

Pepper is a sought after third-party servicing partner for a number of high quality originators and wholesale funding institutions. Pepper was first ranked by Standard & Poor's (S&P) as an 'ABOVE AVERAGE' Residential Loan Servicer in May 2004 and has maintained a rating of 'STRONG' since January 2012.

We are included on S&P's Global Select Servicer List.

In the UK Pepper is ranked by Fitch Ratings as one of the highest rated independent residential mortgage Special Servicers in the UK, and the only Fitch rated Master Servicer in Europe: UK Primary (prime and sub-prime) Servicer Rating RPS2+, UK Residential Special Servicer Rating RSS2+, and UK Residential Master Servicer Rating RMS2.

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