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What is specialist lending?

A specialist home loan might be an option for your clients for a number of reasons: they may be recently self-employed, have a past bankruptcy, have non-traditional income, or be behind in bill repayments. However, these situations are just a part of their story - real life happening to everyday Australians who are capable of moving forward.

These are just a few of the reasons why your clients may not tick all the boxes of the traditional lenders and LMI providers. We work closely with you to understand your client’s situation – be it their current employment or their past credit history.

Why a specialist solution could work for your client 

Doesn't meet mainstream criteria
Doesn't meet mainstream criteria

  • Failed to meet LMI
  • Failed to pass credit scoring
  • Previously declined
  • Minimal credit history – or recent migrant 

Previous credit issues
Previous credit issues

  • Overdue or overdrawn credit cards or debts 
  • Six months non-mortgage arrears 
  • One month mortgage arrears 
  • Discharged bankrupt 

Unique income / documentation
Unique income / documentation

  • Recently self-employed with 6 months ABN or GST registration 
  • Alternative income verification 
  • Child support payment

Debt consolidation
Debt consolidation

  • Consolidate unlimited debts 
  • Pay our tax or solicitor debts

How is specialist lending different?

Fundamentally, there is no difference to how you would approach offering a specialist home loan to your clients.

You still need to understand the borrower's requirements, objectives and offer them a product that’s suited to their financial situation.

The difference is in our understanding of a borrower’s financial history, income, and employment situation.

We manually assess every application and look into an individual’s unique circumstances – going beyond their credit score and income statements. This allows us to offer a tailored product that’s matched to their needs and situation.

How long does specialist lending take?

The application process from a broker’s perspective is the same as lodging an application with a traditional lender. What’s more, you can get an indication of what a specialist solution could look like by using Pepper Product Selector. In less than five minutes, you’ll get an example of what your clients repayments may be – and it won’t impact their credit score.

When it comes to applying for a specialist loan, our assessment team respond to most applications within two business days.

How can I introduce a specialist solution to my client?

5 Step Process

Understanding your client’s unique circumstances is generally the first step to introducing specialist lending. This starts with understanding why they are looking for a unique solution beyond the traditional lenders.

Where a challenge can lie is in offering a specialist solution to your client, especially if they were expecting a prime solution from a traditional lender.‚Äč To help you successfully present a specialist solution to your clients, we’ve developed a unique 5 step process. Give it a go – you won’t be disappointed!






Start by helping your client understand why they aren’t eligible for a loan with a traditional lender. Be empathetic and understanding of their situation.




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The alternative

Outline the alternative options you’ve identified, highlighting how these products meet their needs. This will provide them with a level of comfort, even if they aren’t familiar with the brand.




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The repayments

Help avoid ‘rate shock’ and tell your client what their monthly repayments will be. You can get this through using Pepper Product Selector (PPS).




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The long-term view

While it may not have the same headline rate as mainstream lenders, this solution could get them on-track to achieving their property goals sooner.




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The application

If your customer is ready to proceed, you can proceed with an application.

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