Little Book of Real Life

A master class summary of what we do and how we do itAnd it has a surprise ending that's all about you.

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6 out of 10 eligible non-conforming clients go empty-handed when they could have been helped. That has to change. 

Our 'Little Book of Real Life' is a collection of real life stories that shows how between us we can turn every eligible no into a yes.

What you will get from this eBook:

A clear overview of how specialist lending works, illustrated with real life examples:

  • 'The Wedding Present' - The interesting case of the happy young couple and their baby - starting out
  • 'The Self Employed Consultant and His New Wife' - The interesting case of the triple hurdles: bankruptcy, self-employed and unusual income
  • 'The Spice Traders' - The interesting case of the migrant couple and their specialty spice business

Real insight into how you can help people get ahead with Pepper Money when they have real life stuff to deal with.

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