Calculating the impact of deferring your Home Loan repayments

Find out the estimated changes to your home loan repayments after a home loan repayment pause.

To get started, you will need the following:

  • Your current outstanding loan balance
  • The interest rate you pay on your loan
  • How many months/years remaining on your loan

If you have an interest only loan, you will also need details of the remaining months and years on your interest only term. You can find this information online by logging onto Loan Service Net.

Repayment Deferral Calculator

NOTE: For interest only home loans, select the interest-only period remaining not the original interest only period. Otherwise select Principal and Interest as the repayment type.

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With a repayment frequency of:

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*Pepper currently only offers up to 3 months repayment deferrals.

Important Information
This calculator is to be used as a guide only and should not be relied on. It is based on the limited information you have put into the calculator only. The result of this calculator does not take into account any fees and charges payable, is subject to assumptions which are subject to change and is prepared without reference to your home loan or knowing your personal financial circumstances. Before you act on this calculator, we recommend that you consult your financial adviser or counsellor. Please call us on 1300 650 931 if you need more information or if you want to discuss repayment options including deferring any part of your home loan.

Common FAQs

The calculator is intended to help you work out the impact of deferring your loan including the amount to be added to your loan (the deferred amount) as well as future repayments when the deferral period is over.

You can access all the required information online from Loan Service Net. To access Loan Service Net you need to log on and navigate to your Loan Account details page.

Even though you have an Interest Only Loan for (typically up to 5 years), the calculator assumes that after the Interest Only period expires you will revert to repaying both the principal and interest.

This calculator doesn’t calculate fees as these are dependent on a range of factors including the home loan product you have.

NOTE: If you have an interest only home loan at present, select the interest only period remaining (and not the original interest only period).

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